Remembering Harry Baker

Harry Baker made scrambled eggs and folded dollar bills on Friday mornings. After morning minyan, you’d find Harry serving up the bits of lox with eggs from his special stockpile in the third refrigerator, and folding up the dollar bills that he collected from those in attendance to cover the cost. This was at a

Creation is Renewed

Mark’s Remarks:  Renewing Creation The morning service contains the verse “You renew Creation each day in goodness”, and when I prayed that line at our morning minyan last Monday (September 9), I paused and stared at the wall. The night before, TBI member Michele Lauder and I had installed the “creation” series of artwork in

May 15 - Talmud Study 7:00pm
May 17 - Friday night Service and Dinner
May 18 - Hadasah Mutono sponsored Kiddush Lunch
June 8 - Celebrate Lillian Etkind's 100th Birthday