Membership Application 2018-19


Welcome to Temple Beth Israel! 

During the past three years, we have held several community conversations creating a vision for Temple Beth Israel, identifying strengths, and acknowledging areas we can improve. Many members felt that among the areas needing attention was updating the appearance of the sanctuary and social hall to create a more inviting, flexible space for prayer and gathering. 

In recent months we have begun to make well-needed building repairs and renovations that will result in a welcoming space that reflects the needs and informality of our congregation today. The windows have been cleaned, the ceiling has been painted, and we will be installing new carpeting and flexible seating in the sanctuary later this summer.  We welcome your continued involvement in building for the future of Temple Beth Israel. 

Please note that due to the sanctuary renovations, we will not be assigning seats for High Holy Day services.  Our seats will be flexible, and we hope you will be too!   

Membership and High Holy Day Pledge 

Once again, the Board of Directors has set the 2018-2019 membership rates based on a sustaining membership model. We calculate this sustaining amount by subtracting from our total annual operating budget the amount of income available from sources other than membership and High Holy Day pledges, and then dividing the difference by the expected number of members.   

We are pleased to be able to keep the sustaining amount for 2018-2019 the same as last year. The sustaining membership amount is a combination of a required membership contribution and a voluntary High Holy Day Pledge.    

  • For an Individual Membership, the sustaining amount is $575 for membership + a voluntary $200 High Holy Day Pledge. 
  • For a Family Membership, the sustaining amount is $1150 for membership + a voluntary $400 High Holy Day Pledge. 

We welcome all members to give at a level in which they are comfortable and ensure the congregation will meet its budgeted expenses. While we recognize that most members will be able to meet this membership level, we also know that no one formula is right for every person or family.  Therefore, we allow for both those who can give more, and those whose situation requires them to give as much as they are able at this time.  If you need guidance regarding a reduced membership contribution, please contact Rabbi David Finkelstein in confidence at 781-786-8679 during business hours.   

We trust you will select an amount that reflects the value you receive from being a member of Temple Beth Israel. Please be thoughtful about your financial ability to contribute and, if you are able, to consider pledging at a higher level so that our Temple can remain open to those who could not otherwise afford to be part of our community. If you give an amount different from the sustaining amount, please indicate on the membership form.  If this amount is lower than the sustaining amount, you have our complete confidence; if it is higher, you have our sincere appreciation.  

Please indicate the amount of your High Holy Day Pledge on the membership form.  You may pay it now if you wish, or we will send you a reminder after Yom Kippur.   

Please complete the membership form and return it to the Temple Office with your check before August 20.  You can also download a copy of this form from, fill it out, and return it in person, by mail or email.  The form is required to process your membership, even if you have been a member for several years. If you pay online, a 3% convenience fee applies. 

If you need to arrange a payment plan, please call Andrea Baron in the Temple office at 781-894-5146 between 9:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. any weekday. For any other membership questions please email Membership Secretary Mila Maystrovsky at  

Please Support Synagogue Renovations 

Renovating our sanctuary happens once every 60 years!  Please be as generous as you can in making an additional pledge, toward the synagogue renovations now that you can fulfill at any time during the next two years. We will list all donors and supporters. For information about naming opportunities, please contact Mark Frydenberg or the Temple office. You also can encourage others to support Temple Beth Israel through our GoFundMe page at . 



Mark Frydenberg, President                          Ramila Maystrovsky, Membership Secretary 


Pay online with Paypal. (a transaction fee has been added to the total)Membership Application 2018  – please print and mail in this form even if you pay online. Your membership will not be complete without it.

Membership Dues 2018-19
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May 15 - Talmud Study 7:00pm
May 17 - Friday night Service and Dinner
May 18 - Hadasah Mutono sponsored Kiddush Lunch
June 8 - Celebrate Lillian Etkind's 100th Birthday