We hold a daily minyan on Monday and  Thursday,  morning at 7 am, Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. We hold monthly Shabbat evening services (usually the second Friday of each month, but check the Calendar page to be sure), with dinner  at 6:30 pm (or 6 pm during winter months).

Our daily morning minyan and weekly Shabbat morning services are  the spiritual center of the synagogue.  Our morning services are mostly in Hebrew, with a full Torah reading. On weekdays, we begin at 7, usually finish up by 7:45, and have a l’chayim or a bagel in the kitchen.

We welcome you to join us!  If you are saying Kaddish and need help arranging a minyan for a particular date, please call the Temple Office a week beforehand. We will do our best!

The Havdallah and Game Night on March 23 has been CANCELLED
Shabbat services begin at 9:00am - Saturday March 23rd
All are invited to attend our Kiddush Lunch around Noon on Saturday