Teen Programming at TBI

Teen engagement is all about empowering our youth to come together with their peers and create meaningful Jewish experiences. At TBI, teen programming will be all about connecting – to our rich Jewish tradition, to fellow teens, to our synagogue community, and to our surrounding community. We do this through learning, socializing, civic engagement, and of course, eating together.

Meet Aki Yonekawa, our Youth Program Coordinator

Aki (she/her) is a Californian living in New England. She moved to Cambridge, MA some number of years ago for a job that she no longer has and, though she maintains the superiority of Southern CA as a place to live, she has become attached to the rhythms of life in the Northeast. She works as a sometimes b mitzvah tutor, sometimes teacher of Jewish texts, sometimes mikveh lady, and always and forever Jewish educator. When not working, she enjoys cooking, eating, singing with friends, admiring her house plants, and her only lasting pandemic hobby: birdwatching. Her special skill is turning anything into an adventure which makes her an excellent Costco companion.  

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