Passover 2022

DateTimeEvents (multi-access unless otherwise specified)Zoom Links
Friday 4/158:00 amSiyyum for Fast of the Firstborn & Chametz SaleJoin Zoom Meeting
Friday 4/155:30 pmKabbalat Shabbat service  (online only)  860 9408 8277
Saturday 4/169:30amShabbat Passover  Morning Service898 2996 2372 Passcode: 204635
Saturday 4/166:30pmTBI Community   Seder (online only)Join Zoom Meeting 
Sunday 4/179:30 amPesach II Morning ServiceJoin Zoom Meeting 
Thursday 4/218:00 amThursday Morning Minyan  (online only)860 6404 5288
Friday 4/228:00 amPesach VII Morning ServiceJoin Zoom Meeting
Friday 4/225:30pmShabbat Evening Service (online only)  860 9408 8277
Saturday 4/239:30 amShabbat Passover  Morning Service898 2996 2372 Passcode: 204635
to view the Rabbinical Assembly’s recommendations and guide for preparing your home for Passover.
Note: If possible, all hametz should be eaten or removed before the holiday begins. Should this be financially difficult, the hametz may be stored in such a way that we are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends. Please complete the form on page 15, which must be received in the mail at TBI no later than Thursday, April 14th, to make sure it gets to the Rabbi in time. Or you may deliver it to the Rabbi in person or via email by 9:00 am Friday April 15th.
It is customary to use this as an opportunity to give tzedakah.
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