Our Current Covid-19 Protocols

These protocols were last updated on this website on December 31, 2021.

Our Covid-19 protocols will change in response to conditions. We encourage you to check here regularly for current information.

Effective December 31, 2021, we have suspended all in-person services and events, moving them entirely online, due to the current surge in Covid-19. This remains in effect until this statement is removed.

When we return to in-person:

We hold some services and events entirely online, and others are multi-access with a choice of attending in person or online. The listing for each service or event will indicate the options.

Due to the winter season, we do not have outdoor gathering protocols at this time.

When we gather in person, these are our current indoor protocols:

  • We require universal masking of all people above the age of two at all times, except:
    • A speaker or prayer leader, who is entirely alone at the podium or reader’s table, may be unmasked provided all others remain in the provided seats or at a comparable distance
    • If others are gathered in proximity to the podium or reader’s table (such as during the Torah service), all parties must stay fully masked including the speaker or prayer leader
  • Masks must cover the nose and mouth fully.
  • We are not providing any food or beverage, and we do not allow the consumption of food or beverage in spaces where we are gathered.
  • We provide seating groups that are distanced from each other. You may share a seating group only with others in your household or mutually-agreed-upon pod. Do not move any chairs, as we must maintain the distanced groupings.
  • No one may approach closer than 6 feet to anyone outside their household or mutually-agreed-upon pod without having their express permission to do so.
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