Lifecycle Events

Congregants and friends of Temple Beth Israel value the supportive community that comes together for all types of lifecycle events.

We celebrate together at a b’ris or baby naming. We prepare children of all abilities for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, look forward to welcoming them to the bima on this important day in their lives, and encourage the continued participation in services after they complete this milestone.

Just as we show up for each other’s happy events, we always are there to provide support in the difficult times. From calls and visits to those who are ill, to genuine care for those in mourning, our sense of community defines us.

Beth Israel Memorial Park
TBI members may purchase plots at Beth Israel Memorial Park, the congregation’s cemetery located close by in our Waltham community, at 190 South Street.

In addition to a traditional Jewish burial area, since August 2015 we provide a section for burial of interfaith families.  We call this section Kulanu (“all of us”). This word is found in the phrase from the prayer for peace in the daily morning service: Barcheinu Avinu Kulanu K’echad b’or Panecha (Bless us, our Parent, all of us together as one with the light of your face).  Here, we offer burial for non-Jewish members of Jewish families with their Jewish spouses or other relatives.  This is a previously unused section of the cemetery, clearly separated from the main sections by shrubs and paths.

“We support the poor of the non-Jews with the poor of the Jews, and we visit the sick of the non-Jews with the sick of the Jews, and we bury the dead of the non-Jews with the dead of the Jews because of the ways of peace.”

Babylonian Talmud (Gittin 61a)

Those interested in learning more, or purchasing a plot, can contact Jay Trilling of Menorah Cemetery Management at 617-630-9192 or

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