The Temple Beth Israel of Waltham Listserv 

Purpose and Audience 

The Temple Beth Israel Listserv, TBI-Talk, is part of our virtual Synagogue, allowing our congregation to extend spiritual and communal interactions beyond our physical space. TBI-Talk is an electronic forum that allows for the rapid exchange of members’ information and opinions. TBI-Talk is managed by the Membership Committee. All current members are invited to subscribe. Members may sign up via: http://listserve.tbiwaltham.org/listinfo.cgi/tbitalk-tbiwaltham.org. [Note: Since only current TBI members may subscribe to the list, your registration will be processed as soon as your membership has been verified by the membership committee.] 

Please note that due to limitations from our internet service provider, we cannot forward TBI-Talk messages to members who have @aol.com or @comcast.net email addresses. You will need to create or use a different email address (such as gmail) to use with this listerv. You can configure the new email address to forward messages to your usual address. 

Communication Content and Quality  

Our Listserv is not moderated. As members’ postings are distributed by email directly to all other subscribers, it is important that only pertinent and effectively communicated messages are posted.  The views on the Listserv are those of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the views of TBI. Be kind. Before posting, always think about the community. To respond to an individual, make sure to use the “Reply” button. “Reply all,” sometimes the default, will send your response to everybody. That can result in a lot of unwanted email. 

Forward with care. Many postings to the TBI-Talk list are intended only for those in our community. If in doubt, ask permission of the person whose post you want to forward to people outside of the TBI community.  

Don’t retort online. If a post feels like a violation of netiquette, discuss your concern privately with the author of the post. If you need help, contact the TBI membership committee.   

 Some examples of appropriate content include, “Here’s a video of a Zamir concert that you might like to watch,” “is anybody going to the Butcherie / Costco this week,” “My grandson just graduated from college,” or “I just got a new job” etc. 

The Listserv should not be used for politics or anything controversial. Nothing offensive or judgmental to others in the community may be posted. Posts may be removed and posting privileges may be revoked after one written warning if these guidelines are not followed. 

Subscription Management

Once registered, manage your subscription via Subscriber Options. You can receive all messages individually (Standard), or elect one of several daily compilation options, called a digest, [click Help to the left of “receiving mode” to see a short explanation of each type].  Congregants typically prefer the Summary Mode (digest) option.  

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