Visiting the MASJID Mosque

Visiting  the MASJID Mosque

On a grey  Waltham Sunday May 15 , 2016, several gentlemen holding balloons of many colors brightened  the way to the entry (just behind the India Market)  where  The MASJID (Mosque) of Waltham convened its carefully planned  OPEN HOUSE  organized  as a “teach-in”  proudly held within the mosque’s  new spacious quarters at 313 Moody Street. The Muslim community prayed here that all  the Waltham Community would join them, and not fear them and learn about and appreciate their faith. At the Mosque door barefoot parents and their children invited me to follow their example; to remove my shoes. […]

Genizah Burial

Genizah Burial

We buried holy books in a genizah at our cemetery on April 10, 2016. Rabban Simeon ben Gamliel said, “No monument is needed for the righteous. Their words are monuments. […]

This Shabbat

Shabbat Dinner - June 10

Summer Chicken Dinner (vegetarian entree on request)!

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Kids and Families at TBI

dani nurickLed by Brandeis senior Dani Nurick, our monthly children's service includes singing, storytelling and movement and provides an opportunity to meet other families in the greater Waltham area.  Children join the main service for Adon Olam, and the congregation then enjoys kiddush, challah and a light lunch.  The program is geared for children ages 2-7 but all ages are welcome.

TBI also provides babysitting each Shabbat from 10 am to 12 pm., at which time kids join the congregation for Adon Olam and lunch.

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Community Conversation

20160306_105634March 6:  Twenty members gathered to discuss ways to welcome and involve non-Jewish people in our community. Read what we talked about.

Nov 15: About ten members of TBI gathered on Sunday, November 15, 2015, for the first of what will be three community conversations. Our goal at this conversation was to develop insights that will inform the board as it defines who we are (mission statement) and where we are going (vision statement). We did not seek to draft mission or vision statements ourselves. We recognized that we are a Jewish community and a small community. There are many potential elements to a Jewish community, and we can neither be nor do everything. So we considered nine elements of Jewish communities and asked about each.

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Genizah Book Burial, April 10, 2016

Kulanu Dedication Video

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